CME Guidelines

WORLDSymposium CME Guidelines

Purpose and Definition

CME Satellite Symposia are 60-minute (1 hour) independently developed CME-accredited educational activities held in conjunction with WORLDSymposium 2023. CME Symposia must be developed by a CME Provider (hereinafter named Provider). The symposia must be open to all WORLDSymposium attendees at no charge, and all satellite symposium attendees must be registered for WORLDSymposium. These symposia are not part of the WORLDSymposium 2023 official educational program and the sessions and content are not endorsed by the WORLDSymposium Planning Committee. CME and CEU approval are not provided by WORLDSymposium 2023. CME approval must be obtained from an accredited ACCME provider, and all fees related to accreditation are the responsibility of the Provider.


The following guidelines are designed to assist interested parties in the application process to present a CME Satellite Symposium in conjunction with WORLDSymposium. The guidelines are based on policies approved by the WORLDSymposium Planning Committee and outline policies, processes, and other information to help plan a relevant educational activity. All Providers must also be in compliance with all terms and conditions of the WORLDSymposium 2023 Exhibitor Prospectus that apply to satellite symposia. 

Application/Deposit Requirements 

In order to be considered, a completed Satellite Symposium Application along with a $5,000 non-refundable deposit must be submitted to reserve a satellite symposium session. A subject or general topic area must be included on the Application.

Submission Deadline – November 1, 2022

The deadline to submit Satellite Symposium Applications is November 1, 2022. Satellite Symposia sessions will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, based on receipt of both the non-refundable deposit and completed Satellite Symposia Application. Once all available satellite sessions are assigned, no additional Satellite Symposium Applications will be accepted. After November 1, 2022, a $2,500 late application fee will apply. No new applications will be considered after January 15, 2023.

Satellite Requirements 

Satellite Symposia are limited to the times listed on the Satellite Symposium Application. Proposed topics, faculty, and objectives are reviewed by the WORLDSymposium Planning Committee and scheduled based on the quality of the proposed program and ability to complement the official educational sessions selected for presentation at WORLDSymposium 2023. The information presented must be balanced and provide the attendee with an objective viewpoint. Satellite symposia will be assigned to open satellite times on a first-come first-served basis, however the WORLDSymposium Planning Committee will seek to avoid any direct topic or content conflicts between satellites assigned during the same time slots. 


Satellite Symposium fees to WORLDSymposium 2023 in the amount listed on the Satellite Symposium Application allow the Provider to plan for a 60-minute (1 hour) satellite symposium to be presented at WORLDSymposium 2023. (All fees must be paid in full no later than November 1, 2022, or the symposium will be canceled and released to other sponsors.)  

For all Satellite Symposia, the fee includes:

  • Meeting room rental and theater-style set 
  • Standard AV support: Front (direct) projection, lectern laptop for speaker, projection screen, confidence monitor, laser pointer, lectern or lavaliere microphone for speakers, panel table microphones, standing aisle microphones, speaker timer, lighting, and sound technician
  • Standard online AV support
  • Two (2) Badge Scanners at door for attendance monitoring
  • Table outside meeting room 
  • Two (2) Satellite Symposium announcement emails  (Provider to supply PDF, WORLDSymposium to create and send email.)
  • Activity information posted on WORLDSymposium website, onsite signage and listing on mobile app
  • Designated On Demand session page on the WORLDSymposium 2023 On Demand platform
  • Session will be recorded at the time of presentation
  • On Demand attendee analytics
  • Session will be available On Demand until March 31, 2023

It is the responsibility of the Provider to cover all other costs related to the Satellite Symposia, including speaker expenses and any print or digital materials, signage, etc. The Provider will bear the costs associated with any direct marketing and promotional activities or logistical requirements. 

Food Policy: The Physician Payment Sunshine Act, part of the Affordable Care Act, requires that manufacturers of drugs and devices report to CMS certain payments and items of value given to physicians. These items of value include meals at CME activities, such as satellite symposia. For this reason, food and refreshments at the satellite symposia held at WORLDSymposium 2023 will be provided by WORLDSymposium and paid for out of general meeting registration fees.

Satellite Symposium Management Services 

WORLDSymposium is pleased to offer comprehensive management and coordination for your satellite program on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact Eli Sananes at if you are interested in receiving a quote for symposium management services.

CME Requirements 

The CME Provider will be required to develop the content of the session, including the title of the session, recommended faculty, and specific learning goals and objectives that clearly meet the educational needs of the target audience. NOTE: While WORLDSymposium will not approve any Satellite Symposia for CME, WORLDSymposium does require all Symposia intending to be held for CME credit to be approved for CME by an accredited CME Provider. All proposed topics and faculty will be reviewed and approved by the WORLDSymposium 2023 Planning Committee taking the following into consideration: 

Topic must be related to current lysosomal disease professionals’ practice, and programming should be developed so as to provide attendees with novel and innovative approaches to the issues impacting the field of lysosomal disease professionals. 

The educational content and activity must be designed and presented in accordance with the standards established by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the American Medical Association’s Ethical Opinion on Continuing Medical Education and Gifts to Physicians, the Food and Drug Administration regulations regarding Industry-supported Scientific and Educational Activities, the PhRMA code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, and the Office of Inspector General Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. It is strongly recommended that appropriate source and reference citations accompany all data presented in slides and program materials.

Program content is to be free of commercial bias for or against any product, should not include any commercial logos, and should include appropriate disclosure of commercial relationships and discussion of uses by speakers. 

Content and format of a CME activity or its related materials must promote improvements or quality in healthcare and not a specific proprietary business interest of a commercial interest or entity.

Editorial Practices

In all session titles, references and educational materials, it is WORLDSymposium’s editorial practice to eliminate the term “storage” in the context of “lysosomal storage disease”. Read our editorial practices here.

Payment and Cancellation Policy 

Upon receipt of the Satellite Symposium Application and Deposit, WORLDSymposium will send confirmation of approval, scheduled date and time, and an invoice to the contact person designated on the Satellite Symposium Application. Payment must be made within 30 days of invoice receipt or approval will be denied and the program will be cancelled.

A $5,000 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a satellite symposium time. Payment in FULL is due by November 1, 2022. Cancellations prior to November 1, 2022, will be refunded satellite symposium fees minus the $5,000 non-refundable deposit. After November 1, 2022, no refunds for cancelled symposia will be given. 

Provider acknowledges any payments made to WORLDSymposium for Satellite Symposia are:

  • fees for services, and are not to be paid as educational grant support; and
  • do not exceed the fair market value of the services provided; and
  • are not inconsistent with any internal policy of the Sponsor or Provider governing interactions with healthcare professionals.


Symposia will be held live at the Hilton Orlando in Orlando, Florida and will be recorded “as presented” for On Demand access. Meeting room and time assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis and at the discretion of the WORLDSymposium Planning Committee based on symposia topics and available time slots. 


WORLDSymposium policy prohibits competing activities with official WORLDSymposium educational programming. WORLDSymposium will only assign specific times for symposia, as noted on the Satellite Symposium Application. 

Letter of Agreement 

The WORLDSymposium Satellite Symposium Application must be completed and signed by the Provider. No additional letter of agreement is necessary from WORLDSymposium

If a Letter of Agreement is required by the Provider, the proposed Letter of Agreement must accompany the Application and be signed by the Provider.


The CME Provider is responsible for including faculty who are qualified to present information on the proposed topic. 

The CME Provider is responsible for ensuring any ACCME required forms including release forms, HIPAA-compliance privacy forms, disclosure/conflict of interest form are obtained, and the CME Provider must keep these documents on file. 

Logistical Considerations 

The CME Provider is responsible for the costs and logistics of production of all promotional and digital materials, including invitations.

Onsite Signage: WORLDSymposium will place an approved satellite symposium promotional sign in an assigned location. WORLDSymposium will produce one 3 ft. x 8 ft. fabric tension stand from artwork submitted by Provider. Stands will be displayed in an area identified by WORLDSymposium starting Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Provider may move the fabric tension stand to outside of the session room 30 minutes prior to the start of the satellite session, or Provider can request an additional fabric tension stand to be purchased and placed outside of the session room. Alternatively, Provider can produce and ship one sign to be displayed outside the meeting room 30 minutes prior to the start of each session.

Virtual Bag Inserts: WORLDSymposium will include a copy of an approved satellite symposium invitation in the virtual meeting bag. Details will be provided to the contact person designated by the CME Provider. Provider is responsible for all costs incurred for design and development of any digital materials.

Handouts & Supporting Materials: Copies of any session handouts including designing, printing and shipping, are the responsibility of, and at expense of, the Provider. 

PDF Downloads & Supporting Materials: Design and development of any digital materials are the responsibility of, and at the expense of, the Provider. 

Industry Representatives: While industry representatives may attend the session, they are prohibited from distributing product-specific literature, and may not assist in registration, distributing session handouts, collecting evaluations, etc. 

Continuing Medical Education Approval 

WORLDSymposium does not award CME credit for Satellite Symposia. It is the Provider’s sole responsibility to arrange for approval and bear the associated costs. CME credit must be offered through an entity approved by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). ACCME accredited organizations and/or companies hired to provide CME approval are responsible for the educational content and related CME approval activities, and all pre-conference and on-site logistics. 

CME approval must be documented with the understanding that all relevant standards will be upheld and practiced, and complete the following: 

  • Submit to WORLDSymposium a letter from the CME Provider designating the amount of credit.
  • Include the appropriate accreditation statement and designation statement in all session publicity containing more than “save-the-date” information.
  • Provide attendees with CME credit certificates within three weeks of the meeting. 

WORLDSymposium MUST be notified of the accredited CME Provider and/or medical education and communication company that has been appointed. It will be assumed that that the Provider is authorized to develop and implement the satellite symposium.

Marketing, Promotional Materials and Invitations 

WORLDSymposium will:

  • post the satellite symposium information on the WORLDSymposium website and listing on mobile app. 
  • allow the CME Provider to provide a PDF file of the satellite symposium invitation for the virtual meeting bag. 
  • WORLDSymposium 2023 will send out two (2) Satellite Symposium announcement emails to the pre-registration list during the week of February 6, 2023 and again during the week of February 13, 2023 if an approved PDF is received from Provider no later than January 30, 2023.
    • WORLDSymposium does not format the proposed content in any way, all content must be submitted as a 1-page PDF with all pertinent program details. This PDF should be optimized for WEB viewing, NOT for print. This PDF should be a single page, and be no larger than a 1 MB file. 
    • The same content will be used for both mailings. 
    • Instructions on how to submit the PDF content will be provided to all satellite coordinators in November, 2022. 
    • Additional promotion is the responsibility of the CME Provider. 

WORLDSymposium does not provide pre-registration lists of any kind.

Promotion and Distribution Methods 

WORLDSymposium MUST review and approve any and all promotional activities and/or digital and printed materials prior to distribution or printing. Files should be uploaded and submitted for approval using the links found on this page.

WORLDSymposium does not provide the pre-registration list. WORLDSymposium will not release email addresses or physical addresses of faculty or attendees.

All promotional materials and signage for Industry Supported Satellite Symposia MUST include the following wording on the first page of the promotional material: 

“WORLDSymposium has reviewed and approved this Satellite Symposium as appropriate for presentation as an independent educational activity held in conjunction with WORLDSymposium 2023. This Satellite Symposium is not part of the official WORLDSymposium program, and WORLDSymposium does not approve or endorse any commercial products or services discussed during the Satellite Symposium or offered for sale by the corporate supporter of the Satellite Symposium. This Satellite Symposium is not approved for CME by WORLDSymposium. This Satellite Symposium is approved for CME credit by (add CME Provider here).

Eligibility: Registration for WORLDSymposium 2023 and an official name badge are required to attend this satellite symposium.” 

All other uses of the WORLDSymposium name or logo are prohibited on any marketing or promotional materials for the satellite symposium. Satellite sponsor may reference WORLDSymposium on social media posts and communication as noted in the “Exhibitor and Satellite Marketing Kit.

All materials (promotional and CME activity related) MUST also include the proper ACCME Accreditation Statements. 

Liability and Indemnification 

Provider and supporting Company take full responsibility and will indemnify and hold harmless WORLDSymposium and the WORLDSymposium 2023 Planning Committee and their officers, directors, members, agents, and employees from any and all liability arising from or associated with the Satellite Symposium. 

Provider shall have no involvement or control over any of the following for WORLDSymposium 2023 Annual Scientific Sessions:

  • Identification of CME needs;
  • Determination of CME educational objectives;
  • Selection and presentation of CME content;
  • Selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a position to control the content of the CME;
  • Selection of CME educational methods;
  • Evaluation of the CME activity.

By submitting the Satellite Symposium Application, Provider agrees to all requirements, rules, and regulations contained in the WORLDSymposium 2023 Exhibitor Prospectus.

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