Exhibitor & Satellite Symposia Marketing Kit

Your Booth Is Booked / Your Satellite is Reserved: Now What?

Spread the word – let your customers and other stakeholders know you’ll be at WORLDSymposium.

Start the conversation before, during and after WORLDSymposium by posting about it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook and tagging your posts with the official hashtag: #WORLDSymposia.

Below are free marketing tools and materials to help increase traffic to your booth, capture leads, and invite your customers and clients to meet you in person.

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Correct Use of WORLDSymposium

Please be aware that proper use of the trademarked WORLDSymposium name is required in all promotional materials.

WORLD is an acronym for We’re Organizing Research on Lysosomal Diseases.

The brand name is trademarked and should be used appropriately. Include a trademark (TM) whenever WORLDSymposium is used in your email or social media promotions.

WORLD is always ALL CAPS, with Symposium always in italics. WORLDSymposium is always one word. In other words, WORLDSymposium should never be used as two words (World Symposium) and never only one word (WORLD).

Important Promotional Restrictions

All promotional use of the WORLDSymposium name and logo must follow the rules and regulations found in the Exhibitor Prospectus and, if applicable, the promotion guidelines found in CME Guidelines and the Non-CME Guidelines.

  1.  If use of the WORLDSymposium name is approved according to the examples on this page, exhibitor or sponsor MUST include the following disclaimer on all non-satellite symposium materials. (Satellite Symposia Sponsors must use the disclaimer required in the CME and non-CME satellite guidelines):   *WORLDSymposium does not endorse any commercial products or programs. The links provided within this site are for convenience only, and are not an endorsement of either the linked-to entity, product or service.
  2. Sponsors must remove all references to WORLDSymposium when promoting or marketing satellite sessions outside of the conference after the conference ends and after the on-demand content closes on March 15, 2022.
  3. Prior to March 15, WORLDSymposium would prefer that sponsors encourage people to access the “On Demand” content by registering for WORLDSymposiumAny exceptions to this will need to be approved by the WORLDSymposium planning team. 
  4. Any post-conference marketing of the satellite sessions after the conference ends and outside of the WORLDSymposium virtual platform cannot include any WORLDSymposium branding. 
  5. The sponsor is welcome to promote satellite sessions after March 15, 2022 as long as there are no references to WORLDSymposium
  6. Satellite Symposia video content cannot include any references to WORLDSymposium anywhere in the audio or video content, other than the required disclaimer.
  7. Enduring content cannot include any references to WORLDSymposium.

WORLDSymposium Graphics

Place a banner on your website and link to https://worldsymposia.org – right-click on the image to download.

Email Signature
Use these graphics in your outgoing e-mail signature – right-click on either image to download.

650px x 100px
728px x 90px

Be sure to link the banner to https://worldsymposia.org so people can easily access the WORLDSymposium home page.

Email Subject Line and Promotional Text Examples

Promotional email subject lines must start with your company name followed by the content you are promoting. WORLDSymposium can only be included at the end of the subject line and must be preceded by the word “at”. For example:

  • [INSERT COMPANY NAME] will be presenting [TOPIC] at WORLDSymposium 2022
  • Join [INSERT COMPANY NAME] online at the WORLDSymposium 2022 Exhibit Hall, February 7 – 11, 2022
  • Visit [insert company name] at the WORLDSymposium 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting!
  • [insert company name] is exhibiting at WORLDSymposium 2022
  • You’re invited to join [INSERT COMPANY NAME] at WORLDSymposium 2022
  • Attend the unveiling of [insert new product name] at WORLDSymposium 2022

Prohibited Promotional Text Examples (What NOT to do)

  • [INSERT COMPANY NAME] is sponsoring WORLDSymposium 2022
    (This implies company is sponsoring the entire event instead of a session or an item at the event.)
  • WORLDSymposium – Visit [INSERT COMPANY NAME]’s Exhibit Booth
    (Putting WORLDSymposium first in a subject line or headline is not allowed.)
  • [insert company name] is partnering with WORLDSymposium 2022!
    (WORLDSymposium has no official partners or conference sponsors.)

Email Body Idea

Join [insert company name] at the WORLDSymposium 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, February 7-11, 2022. Visit us at our exhibit booth where you can learn about our latest products, talk to our experts and learn about the innovative solutions we offer.

Visit our website [insert hyperlink] to learn more or contact us at [insert contact info] for an appointment.

We will be presenting [insert content] at  WORLDSymposium 2022.

Register now and join us at the WORLDSymposium 2022 annual conference. We hope to see you in February!

Social Media Materials

Twitter: Follow @worldsymposia for real-time updates
Like @worldsymposia on Facebook
Stay-up-to-Date: Subscribe to our mailing list

Connect and engage with attendees through social media. The WORLDSymposium official hashtag is #WORLDSymposia

Content Ideas and Examples

Customize social media posts to promote your involvement at WORLDSymposium 2022. Make sure to include a link to our website: https://worldsymposia.org.

Post WORLDSymposium 2022 details to your company’s event page. Sample text:

WORLDSymposium is an annual research conference dedicated to lysosomal diseases. WORLD is an acronym that stands for We’re Organizing Research on Lysosomal Diseases. Since its inception as a small group of passionate researchers in 2002, WORLDSymposium has grown to an international research conference that attracts over 3000 participants from more than 60 countries around the globe.

Write a blog post about what you’ll be presenting at WORLDSymposium; use one of the banners above.

Sample Social Media Posts

Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Looking for the latest in [TOPIC]. Connect with us at WORLDSymposium 2022.
  • We’re exhibiting at #WORLDSymposia. Register today to learn more.
  • Learn more about [TOPIC] at #WORLDSymposia, February 7 – 11, 2022, WORLDSymposium 2022.
  • Join [INSERT COMPANY NAME] at the #WORLDSymposia Exhibit Hall, February 7 – 11, 2022.


  • Join us at the WORLDSymposium 2022 Annual Meeting #WORLDSymposia.
  • [INSERT COMPANY NAME] will be presenting the latest products in the WORLDSymposium 2022 Exhibit Hall, February 7 – 11, 2022. Meet us in San Diego, CA #WORLDSymposia.
  • I’ll be exhibiting at WORLDSymposium 2022, February 7 – 11, 2022. Visit our booth to network with us and learn more about [TOPIC]. #WORLDSymposia
  • Looking to learn more about [TOPIC]? We’ll be exhibiting at WORLDSymposium 2022. Connect with us in the exhibit hall at #WORLDSymposia to learn more.
  • Conferences are evolving and so are we! We are pleased to participate in WORLDSymposium 2022. Science and education are resilient. Join us in San Diego, CA and online this February. #WORLDSymposia

Questions about the Exhibitor Marketing Kit? Contact us: http://sponsor.worldsymposia.org/contact/

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