Satellite Symposia

WORLDSymposium 2023 Satellite Symposia (SOLD OUT)

Satellite symposia offer sponsors the opportunity to provide professional attendees with comprehensive insights into important research topics and issues facing lysosomal disease specialists. The satellite symposia schedule includes 9 time slots (18 sessions total) with Live Q&A functionality via the mobile app. Recorded sessions (without Q&A) will be available for On Demand viewing after the conference ends. On Demand will open on February 27, 2023 and will remain available until March 31, 2023.

CME credits may or may not be offered for satellite symposia. CME credits may or may not be offered for On Demand satellite symposia. CME and CEU approval are not provided by WORLDSymposium 2023. CME approval must be obtained from an accredited ACCME provider, and all fees related to accreditation are the responsibility of the Provider.

Satellite Symposia Requirements and Application

Click here to read the CME and the Non-CME Satellite Guidelines.

Please note all Satellite Symposia must be open to all WORLDSymposium attendees at no additional charge. Registration for the 19th Annual Scientific Meeting and an official WORLDSymposium name badge are required to attend any of the satellite symposia.

Click here to complete the Satellite Symposium Application.

Satellite Symposia are not part of the official WORLDSymposium 2023 program, and WORLDSymposium does not approve or endorse any commercial products or services discussed during these Symposia or offered for sale by the corporate supporter of the Symposium. Symposia may or may not offer CME credits; Sessions are not approved for CME through WORLDSymposium.

There are numerous opportunities to be part of this exciting forum through support of the 2023 Scientific Meeting: Click here to review other Sponsorship Opportunities.

On Demand Satellite Symposia

  • All Live Satellite Symposia sessions will be recorded and made available in the On Demand Platform.

Example: On Demand Satellite Symposium

Satellite Information and Files

All satellite symposium information and files need to be uploaded here by January 30, 2023.

Satellite Description

To Add/Update the satellite description click on “Edit” using the link provided above.


To Add/Edit the satellite faculty click on “Add / Edit Faculty” using the link provided above.

Speaker Bios (max 2500 characters, includes spaces and HTML formatting)

Speaker Headshot (250px x 250px, max file size: 2 MB in PNG, JPG, JPEG)

While a non square photo can also be uploaded, please consider to not have any side smaller than 250px and that only a square ratio from the middle of the image will be displayed. Also, please ensure that the face is contained in an approximate centre area. It is safer to crop the image to a square before uploading, particularly if it is in portrait orientation.

In addition to the satellite speakers, Q&A Moderator names and email addresses also must be added. This can be done by selecting “Q&A Moderator” = Yes

  • The Q&A moderator needs to be on stage in Orlando, Florida. More than one Q&A moderator can be added, however, only one Q&A moderator needs to be on stage. Additional Q&A moderators can work behind the scenes.
  • The Q&A moderator will receive the questions from the Live audience (submitted via Mobile App).
  • The Q&A moderator must read the questions out loud and address them to one or more members of the faculty.
  • All questions are being submitted via Mobile App. Log in information & training will be provided to all Q&A moderators at a later date.  
    • The questions are only visible to the Q&A Moderator(s), NOT to the audience
    • After the conclusion of the session, the Q&A moderator can export all current questions and answers via email. Scroll to the bottom of the page of questions for the session and choose “Email Q&A.”
    • A Zoom training for all Q&A moderators will be conducted within 2 weeks prior to the start of WORLDSymposium. The training will be recorded.
    • Please advise your Q&A moderators to bring their own mobile device (such as iPad) or a laptop on stage. (Mobile devices are not provided by WORLDSymposium.)

Meeting Planner Badges

Meeting Planner badges provide access to the Live Satellite Symposium in Florida, as well as the On Demand Satellite Symposium on the On Demand Platform. These access badges are for agency staff only.

Satellite Symposium Files

File / Description / Where UsedApproval Required
Virtual Bag Insert / Invitation **
WORLDSymposium satellite invitation (1-Page PDF)

Mobile App & On Demand Platform: Meeting bag
Onsite: Meeting room as a printed handout. Printing and distributing of onsite material is the responsibility of the agency.

Email Blast PDF
WORLDSymposium will include links to download the Satellite Symposia 1-Page PDFs in two email blasts: one during the week of February 6, 2023 and the second during the week of February 13, 2023. The 1-Page PDF must be provided by January 30, 2023 in order for it to be included in the mailings. The same content will be used for both emails.

2 x WORLDSymposium email blasts
Agenda / Satellite Information Download **
This contains more detailed information about the satellite such as speaker bios, speaker disclaimers, and more detailed agenda information, etc.

On Demand Platform: Satellite Session as a resource
Onsite: Meeting room as a printed handout
. Printing and distributing of onsite material is the responsibility of the agency.
Satellite evaluation to be filled out by attendees.

On Demand Platform: Satellite Session as a resource
Onsite: Meeting room as a printed handout. Printing and distributing of onsite material is the responsibility of the agency.
Powerpoint Presentations
To maximize the presentation for on-screen viewing, set up files using a 16:9 ratio. To ensure slide legibility, use black text on a white or a light grey background (gray text is very hard to read), use red, blue, or green colors for highlights, and avoid font sizes smaller than 28-points.
Satellite Symposia do NOT have access to the WORLDSymposium speaker ready room.

On Demand platform: Satellite Session as a resource

** If a breakdown of the satellite presentation titlesassigned presentation speaker names and presentation start times are not on any of the provided materials, then a separate word document will also need to be uploaded here so that the satellite session can be built on the On Demand Platform. This word document will only be used by the WORLDSymposium team to build the satellite session on the On Demand Platform.

Audio Visual

All Live Satellite sessions will be recorded. A copy of the recording will be available for review or post-meeting usage for $5,000 (“raw”, unedited recording). Once purchased, approval from WORLDSymposium is not required to repurpose the recording after the conclusion of the conference, however no reference to WORLDSymposium (text or logo) can be included in post-conference usage. No references should be made to WORLDSymposium in enduring materials. Please contact to request a copy of the recording.

Pre-Registration Lists

WORLDSymposium does not provide pre-registration lists of any kind. You are welcome to promote your session to your target list via email blasts and social media. Please refer to the WORLDSymposium Social Media Guidelines for additional information.

Mobile App Push Notifications

If you have not purchased push notifications to promote your Satellite Symposium, you may do so by editing your Satellite Symposium application. ($3,000 for 2 push notifications: Go to Account Links in the upper right corner, and then to Edit Applications).

  • The text is limited to 140 characters.
  • You are able to include a link in your message. Links and spaces are included in the character count.  It is recommended to use a URL shortener to shorten any links.
  • Push notification text is due by January 30, 2023.

Please note that the push notifications will be sent on a schedule to be determined by SHORTCODE ERRO, in the order the Satellite Symposia take place.


New This Year: One 3 ft. x 8 ft. fabric tension stand Satellite sign will be created from artwork provided by Company. Stands will be displayed in an area identified by WORLDSymposium starting Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Company may move fabric tension stand to outside of the session room 30 minutes prior to the start of the satellite session, or Company can request an additional fabric tension stand to be purchased and placed outside of the session room. Alternatively, Company can produce and ship one sign to be displayed outside the meeting room 30 minutes prior to the start of each session.

Lead Retrieval

WORLDSymposium will provide 2 lead retrieval devices and 2 staff to scan the badges. The lead retrieval report will be emailed to the Company primary contact approximately two weeks after the conference concludes. The report will include the first name, last name, title, institution, city, state, country and email address of the attendees, excluding anyone who opted out of sharing their information.

A report will also be provided of attendees who viewed the On Demand session (excluding anyone who opted out from having their information shared) after the conclusion of the OnDemand period on March 31, 2023.

Shipment of Materials

Materials and signage should be shipped to your own attention to the Hilton Orlando, 6001 Destination Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32819, ph: (407) 313-4300. Company is responsible for all costs related to the shipment of materials, and receipt by the hotel.

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