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Unofficial Events Information – Hospitality Suites & Private Meetings

WORLDSymposium reserves the right to control all contracted function space at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego for WORLDSymposium 2025. Unofficial Events are restricted to registered attendees of WORLDSymposium and WORLDSymposium exhibitor staff. They are not planned or sponsored by WORLDSymposium.

All Unofficial Events or ancillary meetings must be requested and approved by WORLDSymposium. Hospitality rooms and Unofficial Events may not be open during the hours of any official function. The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego will not release space without approval from WORLDSymposium. Signage will be allowed only in designated areas and must be reviewed and approved prior to display.

Commercial companies must be contracted exhibitors in order to request an Unofficial Event. Patient advocate groups and non-profit organizations are also eligible to request Unofficial Event space. No other Unofficial Events will be approved. The Unofficial Event Application must be completed for EACH meeting (or meeting room) being requested.

Unofficial Events MAY NOT be scheduled during WORLDSymposium General Sessions, Satellite Symposia, or Poster Receptions.

Unofficial Events Available Dates and Times:
Monday, February 3, 2025: 08:00-Midnight
Tuesday, February 4, 2025: 18:45-Midnight
Wednesday, February 5, 2025: 18:45-Midnight
Thursday, February 6, 2025: 18:45-Midnight
Friday, February 7, 2025: beginning at 15:30

Unofficial Event Application may not be used for Satellite Symposia or any other event that is open to the entire WORLDSymposium audience. Unofficial Events may not be scheduled during any time other than times listed on Unofficial Event Application. All events must be by invitation only – a list of proposed invited attendees is required. All requests are subject to review & approval.

To avoid any confusion for individuals who participate in these Unofficial Events, please include the following paragraph in a visible area on the invitation: “Although assignment of space to hold this unofficial event has been approved by WORLDSymposium 2025, the event has been planned and paid for by the organizer. This event is not affiliated with WORLDSymposium 2025 and WORLDSymposium 2025 does not have any responsibility for any liability with regard to the content of this unofficial event.”

WORLDSymposium reserves the right to decline any Unofficial Events which are in direct conflict with the programming, timing, or philosophy of WORLDSymposium, or are in violation of any policy of WORLDSymposium. Companies who schedule any Unofficial Event onsite at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, or offsite at any other location, during non-approved times, are in violation of WORLDSymposium’s policy on Unofficial Events. Companies in violation will be penalized and will lose priority points.

WORLDSymposium accepts no financial or organizational responsibility for Unofficial Events. Room rental, catering, AV equipment, labor, and other charges are the sole responsibility of the organizer.

WORLDSymposium will limit the number of meeting rooms assigned to any one exhibitor for Unofficial Events during WORLDSymposium 2025 due to meeting room space limitations at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego. (ONLY REGISTERED EXHIBITORS and Patient Advocate Groups may request Unofficial Event Space.) In order to be fair to all patient advocate groups and exhibitors, space for Unofficial Events will be assigned as described below.

  • Requests for an Unofficial Event for a group meeting of more than 8-10 people, with a specific purpose for the meeting, on one specific date and time, will be assigned to one meeting room only for that specific date and time.
  • Each individual Unofficial Event on each day will be considered ONE Unofficial Event and will be assigned to meeting room space only for the duration of the specific meeting.
  • The meeting must have a specific title, and a specific group of attendees, and can only occur during approved Unofficial Event times.
  • WORLDSymposium will assign these Unofficial Events to available meeting room space, and will balance meeting room assignments to ensure equal access to patient advocate groups and all exhibitors.
  • Any Unofficial Event Applications from a single company to hold multiple meeting room spaces for Unofficial Events will be reviewed internally by WORLDSymposium to determine if space is available and if the Unofficial Event can be approved.
  • Due to limited availability for Unofficial Event meeting room space, requests for 1:1 or small group Unofficial Events will be assigned to hotel conference suite space. (This includes ALL Unofficial Events which may be scheduled for short periods of time, or may occur randomly during the week, including 1:1 discussions, pop-up meetings, or other small group or spontaneous Unofficial Events.) Conference suites will need to be utilized for these Unofficial Meetings, and hotel meeting rooms will not be assigned for the week for this type of Unofficial Events.

Click here to complete the Unofficial Events Application.

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